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Anand Dharwad

Anand Dharwad is an important name in the circle of experts that are looking for alternatives in the field of handloom weaving. He is famous for experimentation and developmental ideas in the field of handloom weaving like improving handloom machines, natural dyeing and utilizing non traditional yarn in garment making.

He was born in Bagalkot in the year 1955. He has been a resident of Bangalore for the last four and a half decades.

Although Anand Dharwad did his high school in Military school, he did not choose to join the Indian Military Services and instead has proved to be of great help to the handloom industry. He graduated as a Textile Engineer from Vishweshwariah Engineering College in 1976. His first stint at was at a famous textile mill in Bangalore. However, he could not get accustomed to the life of the mill and he left his job and started to make handloom machines.

Gradually he started getting associated with several self help groups. Anand Dharwas started his own organisation called 'Grama Nirmana' (building villages) in Satanur, Ramanagar District. Through this organisation he started teaching the local villagers about handloom weaving. Satanur and the surrounding areas have banana plantations in abundance and this gave birth to the idea of making fabric from banana fibre. After several attempts and experimentations Anand was successful in making fabric out of the banana fibre.


Western market: The products made using banana fibre in 'Grama Nirmana' have a huge demand. They have a big market in western countries also. His organisation also makes unique products with silk. Anand Dharwad is now exploring possibilities of making fabric from common flax fibre. In Satanur, right now there are about 40 handlooms under his supervision.

Another field of interest for Anand is coming up with non-traditional forms of fuel. He is dedicating most of his time now in trying to create a form of fuel that can be produced after separating hydrogen and methane from cow's urine. Simple and down to earth, Anand shares his knowledge and experience with everyone. He stays in Rajajinagar with his professor wife, Sandhya and kids Santhosh and Sagar.