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Khadi Rural Employment Co-operative Society, Holenarasipur

Nine years prior to receiving Indian Independence, a group of freedom fighters got together and established 'Khaddar Paraspara Sangha' in 1938. This society's main intention was to produce and market local garments. As an inspiration and support of this society, Mahatma Gandhiki has visited Holenarasipura in 1936.

In 1962, 'Khaddar Paraspara Sangha' got registered under the government and came to be known as 'Khadi Gramodyog Sahakara Sangha' (Khadi Rural Employment Co-operative Society). The same year in Holenarasipur and neighboring Mysore, to provide job opportunity in the field of Khadi, Khadi winding and weaving were started. For the same reason Khadi Bhandar was opened in Holenarasipur to provide market for khadi products. Gradually the activities spread to Dodda Kadanuru, Aane Kannambaadi and Kabbooru villages.

In 1980, this organisation entered the silk industry. Silk reeling unit was established in Holenarasipur itself and through the silk weavers of Atti Choudenahalli and Melkote, it started getting products like Saree, Dhotis and Shalya.

The year 1984 is a very significant year in this organisation's history. This organisation took charge of the khadi society in Badanavalu vullage of Chamarajanagar. Badanavalu Khadi Society was non-functional for over ten years and was a cause of disappointment to khadi fans. Since Khadi Gramodyog Sahakara Sangha took over the Badanavalu Khadi Society the activities have been going on with great enthusiasm and has given hope to khadi fans.


Badanavalu Khadi Society also has historical importance. Not only did Mahatma Gandhiji visited this place, he also stayed here for three days. When an organisation like this stopped functioning, it caused sadness to a lot of people. During those times itself, along with producing khadi, the organisation also produced matchboxes, hand papers, jute and also was an oil mill. Poeple who believed in Gandhi values had an emotional bonding and the closure of this place was quiet painful for them to deal with. After Khadi Gramodyog Sahakara Sangha took over Badanavalu Khadi Society, activities resumed and everyone was relieved.

The President of this organisation, Mr H N Ramakrishnaiah has been in close association with the organisation for the last four decades and has contributed greatly towards its success. H B Chandrashekhar who has been the Secretary for the last four decades and now retired, has played a very important role in bringing up the organisation. Now Mr Mahadevappa has taken over the same role and is walking the same path.

For the financial year 2008- 09, the organisation's business was about 9 crore rupees. It owns property worth about 1 crore rupees. This is one of the few organisations that is involved in khadi related activities in Karnataka.