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The Beginning
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Shri Adishakti Handloom Weaver's Self Help Group, Gajendragad.

Government is coming up with new ideas to create a better life for handloom weavers. However, the loop holes in the system itself are causing a hindrance to these ideas. Weavers of Gajendragad are an example of this. Gajendragad of Gadag District has always been famous for traditional handloom weaving. There is also a KHDC centre in Gajendragad whose purpose mainly is to encourage this industry. However, this group was non functional due to many reasons. Although there were plenty of handloom machines, there was no work and due to this reason weavers had started to migrate to cities like Mangalore, Goa and Mumbai. As a result of this the number of handloom machines reduced from about 250 to 60 - 70. Constant sound of handloom machines was reduced to nothing but silence.

During this difficult time, under the leadership if Sri Ramachandrappa, an office was built in Gajendragad through the help of total weaver's community. After getting registered here, Shri Adishakti Handloom Weaver's Self Help Group came into existence. It was established just about three years ago on 24th September 2007. The main purpose of this 11 member self help group was to stop the migration of weavers to other cities.


In the hope of giving employment to weavers, this SHG was started in a rented premise. The number of handloom machines in the last three years has increased from 10 to 25. The number of weavers who enjoy a decent living has increased to 50. Amongst the 50, about half are women. The situation of these weavers has changed from 'no job' to 'no problem for food and peaceful life'. Their daily earning is between Rs 100 to Rs 150. All the credit goes to Shri Adishakti Handloom Weaver's self help group. About 20 women are involved in yarn winding and other simple activities and earn between Rs 25 to Rs 35 daily. What's surprising is that to earn the same amount of wages, these weavers were leaving town.

Charaka's help: When this organisation was in a situation where there was no market available for their products, Charaka Society, Heggodu came to their aid. Charaka supplies them with naturally dyed yarn and also purchases the fabric that is woven by them. Then Charaka creates ready made garments from these fabrics and sells them. It is a transparent way of conducting 'give and take' business.