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Dasimayya Awards

Bangalore: DESI National Award has been one of the most prestigious award for handloom weaving in India. From this year onwards, it has been renamed as 'Dasimayya National Award'. Organizations and individuals who have made remarkable achievements in the field of handloom weaving are identified and given this award. It's one of those rare awards that is given in honour of handloom weaving field which is ancient, traditional and supports self-dependance. The perks of this award include Rs. 40,000/- each, marketing facility for products whose amount is the same as the cash price, Gandhiji's bronze statue and a memento.

Dasimayya was a great poet of the 12th century. He was a pioneer in handloom weaving and his work gave a dimension to this industry. Giving an award in his name is considered as an honour in the handloom industry. For the year 2009 - 2010, it has been decided that the Dasimayya award will be awarded to one individual and two organizations.

For 2009-2010 the individual award was given out to Anand Dharwad who is an expert in Natural Dyeing and Natural Yarns. The organizational level awards were given out to 'Holenarasipura Khadi and Rural Employment Co-operative Society', Holenarasipura, Hassan District and 'Shri Adishakti Handloom Weaver's Self Help Group', Gajendragada, Gadag District.

Award Ceremony was conducted on 15th May 2010 in Chitrakala Parishat, Kumarakrupa Road. Awards were presented by Srimati Ujramma, Vice-President, National Handloom Development Corporation, New Delhi. Handloom woven ready made garments exhibition cum sale was inaugurated by M S Satyu, Director and Theatre Person. Mr. Ajay Kumar Sing, Commissionar of Police, KArnataka was presiding over the function. The function also included a Hindustani concert by Poornima Bhat Kulkarni and group.

Some of the previous recipients of this award are Dasthkar Andhra, Hyderabad, famous handloom designar Gopi Krishna, Belgaum, Sarvodaya Khadi Society, Bellary, Shakambari Weaver's Society, Jagalur and Soolebhavi.

Dassimayya Award
Introduction of the Awardees:

Anand Dharwad

Anand Dharwad is an important name in the circle of experts that are looking for alternatives in the field of handloom weaving. He is famous for experimentation and developmental ideas in the field of handloom weaving like improving handloom machines, natural dyeing and utilizing non traditional yarn in garment making.

Khadi Rural Employment Co-operative Society, Holenarasipur

Nine years prior to receiving Indian Independence, a group of freedom fighters got together and established 'Khaddar Paraspara Sangha' in 1938. This society's main intention was to produce and market local garments. As an inspiration and support of this society, Mahatma Gandhiki has visited Holenarasipura in 1936.

Shri Adishakti Handloom Weaver's Self Help Group, Gajendragad.

Government is coming up with new ideas to create a better life for handloom weavers. However, the loop holes in the system itself are causing a hindrance to these ideas. Weavers of Gajendragad are an example of this.